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Generic logo used as starting point to make a free logo for your business

How to Make a Free Logo for Your Business

Admit it. As a new business owner, you think a lot about your business’s logo. Every business needs one, even if it’s just plain words with no artwork. Having a logo makes your business look just a little bit more official. So, you probably want to know where you can ...
There's something called the Google Sandbox Effect for new websites that can affect how your website shows up in search results

How to Avoid the Google Sandbox Effect, for Startups

Ever heard of the Google Sandbox Effect? We hadn't either, up until very recently. And, by the time we learned about it, it was too late for us to avoid it. That’s why we’re inserting this blog post earlier into the timeline for our step-by-step guide on how to start ...
how to hire an accountant to look after your books

How to Hire an Accountant or CPA for Your Small Business

As a new small business owner, you’ve probably heard “ask an accountant” a lot. Well, you don’t have an accountant. And unless someone in your family or a friend is an accountant, you probably don’t even know where to find one. So, we’re here to share some tips on how ...
How to read a commercial lease agreement

How to Read a Commercial Lease Agreement

For any new business that will operate from a physical location—be it an office, a storefront, or a kitchen—you’ll have to sign a commercial lease agreement. And, let’s face it, these agreements often are boring to read and hard to understand. So, you just get a lawyer to review the ...
How to take DIY product photography like a pro

How to Take Great DIY Product Photography for eCommerce

First impressions are important. This is why you’ll need great product photos, especially if you plan to sell anything on the internet. But not everyone has money to hire a professional photographer. You might need to take the photos yourself. So, in this next series of articles, we’ll show you ...
To be an entrepreneur means to solve problems like this woman

What Does it Take to be an Entrepreneur?

It’s a statistic cited almost too often: about half of new businesses don’t survive the first five years. But what the statistic doesn’t show is how many people think about starting a new business but never do. So what stops them from being an entrepreneur? In my experience, it’s I ...
Types of product packaging for small businesses

Product Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we all do it anyway. That’s why some businesses put a lot of thought into product packaging. In fact, quite often, the packaging costs more than the product itself. So, what should you think about when deciding on your ...
Chocolate chip cookies perfect for starting a small food business

Selling Grandma’s Cookies? How to Start a Small Food Business

Everyone loved those chocolate chip cookies you made from Grandma’s secret recipe. They even said you should sell them. For sure, you’d make a ton. So, what do you need to do to start a small food business? Can you make the cookies from home and sell them over the ...
if you have a dog treat business, you'll need to test them to see if pups love them

Can You Start a Dog Treat Business from Home?

Most people can’t resist slipping a table scrap or two to their pooch. In fact, some dogs eat as well as, if not better than, their people. So, if dogs often eat people food and you can start a people food business from home, can you start a dog food ...
Woman who started an online store shipping product orders

How to Start an Online Store the Fast and Easy Way

Maybe you’re a great baker and want to sell cupcakes made in your home kitchen. Or maybe you’re an excellent woodworker and you’re thinking about selling those wooden toys you made for fun. You took nice, almost professional level product photos of your products. Now, you’re ready to open for ...
So many apps are on smartphones that small businesses might be tempted to build an app to keep up

Should Every Small Business Build an App?

As a part of our journey to start a small business, let’s take a quick look at what’s involved to build an app and then sell it on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Our last series of articles looked at online places where you can build ...
Person with box on their head trying to think outside the box

A Concrete Way to Think Outside the Box

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had angry and desperate bosses yell in meetings that everyone needs to “Think outside the box!!!” More and more, I suspect those bosses actually had no idea how to think outside the box. Not only that, had they seen an idea that was ...