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Hsin-Wei Luang

Principal Writer

Owner, QuillPoint LLC

Hsin-Wei is the Founder and Principal Writer of The Missed Details blog. Before starting this blog, she worked as a freelance writer. Even before that, she worked for 20+ years as a lawyer at law firms and big and small companies. Going back even further, as a teenager and all through law school, Hsin-Wei helped her family start and run several family businesses.

Counting all the years together, Hsin-Wei has about 40 years of experience in all aspects of running big and small businesses. She’s worked with tech startups and multi-national corporations, advised one-person founders and C-level executives.

Hsin-Wei started this website because she often couldn’t find on the internet the quick, practical answers she needed to run her freelance writing business. For the full story, see Why This Website.


Mini Australian Shepherd

Unpaid Intern

Aspen mostly sleeps all day, which is why he is unpaid. He knows the words ball and frisbee, but he’s not good at getting coffee. He hopes to be promoted to Paid Intern one day, but knows his prospects aren’t great unless he learns how to work on the computer.