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Initial Development

business owner filing paperwork to start an LLC or form a corporation

How to Start an LLC or Corporation Yourself

In an earlier article, we gave some tips on how to find a good lawyer to help you set up ...
cloud servers best web hosting for small business

Best Web Hosting Service for Small Businesses

If you run an online business, you’ll want your own website. To do this, you have some options. But, the ...
fiber optic panel pick a web hosting company

How to Pick a Web Hosting Company

If you plan to do business online, eventually, you’ll need a robust website with your own domain address. We recommend ...

Legal & Finance

A closeup shot of a woman's hands holding a long printout of a receipt. She has circled a number on the receipt showing her business is collecting sales tax as is required. Also on the desk are a calculator, another long printout of a sales receipt, and a printout of a sales report.

A Small Business’s Guide to Collecting Sales Tax, Use Tax, and VAT

If you’ve read our general article on taxes, you know that a business has to deal with a lot of ...
A young man in a white shirt and a black tie sits at a desk, his right hand holding a pen to jot down numbers while his left hand types info into a tax software for small businesses. A calculator and two stacks of printouts of financial reports also lay on the desk.

Income Tax Software for Small Businesses

In our last article, we talked about how small businesses must pay quarterly estimated income taxes. Then, at the end ...
A smartphone showing a calculator app sits on top of a hard copy of Schedule 1040-SE which, in turn, is laid atop of a laptop. A pair of glasses rests half on the tax form and half on the laptop. Everything is ready for a small business owner to learn how to calculate quarterly estimated taxes.

How to Calculate Quarterly Estimated Taxes, for Small Businesses

Businesses have to pay income taxes. We touched on this briefly in our overview article on the types of taxes ...


A woman in a black shirt is standing and holding with both hands a small cardboard box. In the box are some folders, a spiral notebook, and a pen holder with a pair of scissors with red handles sticking out. This is the classic photo of what happens after you let an employee go.

How to Let an Employee Go, for Small Businesses

Things don’t always work out. And this is true, too, where it comes to employees. Sometimes, it’s because the person ...
A man is sitting at a desk looking at some paperwork on a clipboard. There's an open laptop in front of him and an open calendar notebook to his left. Across from the man sits a young woman. She's looking at the back of the clipboard, smiling, and leaning slightly forward to show enthusiasm. Her hands are clasped together and resting relaxedly on the desk. He is interviewing her for a job, so he’ll need to keep in mind various employment rules and regulations when asking her questions.

US Employment Rules and Regulations: A Guide for Very Small Businesses

In the US, there are a lot of laws about how businesses should treat their employees. These employment rules and ...
An open and powered-up laptop sits on a table along with a notebook, a pen, and some papers that are scattered behind. There's a woman standing apart from the table, with her arms crossed and looking up, but she's out of focus. The laptop is opened to an internet web page that says "Job Search" and is one of many job posting sites for employers available on the internet.

Great Job Posting Sites for Employers

So far, 2023 has been a strange year for jobs. Very large companies have been doing mass layoffs—some of them ...


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Sales & Marketing

Person scanning a QR code for business use

Does Every Small Business Need a QR Code?

You know QR codes, yes? Those little squares with patterns of dots and ink blots. You see them on packages, ...
To target Android users, you put your app on Google Play

Intro to How to Make an App on Google Play

This article takes a quick look at how to make and publish an app on Google Play. It’s a part ...
To target iPhone users, you make an app for the App Store

Intro to How to Make an App for the App Store

This article is part of our series on app building for small businesses. Here, we’re focused only on the basics ...