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Person scanning a QR code for business use

Does Every Small Business Need a QR Code?

You know QR codes, yes? Those little squares with patterns of dots and ink blots. You see them on packages, ...
To target Android users, you put your app on Google Play

Intro to How to Make an App on Google Play

This article takes a quick look at how to make and publish an app on Google Play. It’s a part ...
To target iPhone users, you make an app for the App Store

Intro to How to Make an App for the App Store

This article is part of our series on app building for small businesses. Here, we’re focused only on the basics ...
Small business person using design your own logo software

How to Design Your Own Logo

There are many ways a small business can get a logo. You can hire a marketing firm, you can hire ...
Simple logos similar to those used by free logo design software

Are Free Logo Design Software Any Good?

Most businesses want a logo. In fact, big companies often pay a lot of money to get a custom-designed one ...
When naming your business, be sure to check social media and domain availability

When Naming Your Business, Include a Domain Availability Check

Everyone is on the internet these days. If you don’t have a website or at least be on a Yelp ...
How to check if your business name is taken by someone else

How to Check if Your Business Name is Taken: The Trademark Clearance Search

Most people want a unique name for their new business. It’s good for marketing. Not only that, when you file ...
Finding a great business name takes old fashioned writing inspiration

How to Pick a Great Business Name: Marketing & Trademark Tips

Some people just know how to pick a great business name. Others, like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, settled on ...
setting the right pricing model and price points are important for a new business

Pricing Model: What Will Make or Break Your New Business

So you came up with an idea for a new business. You’ve thought it through and still think it’s a ...