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Contact Us

If you have website-related technical issues, please send us a note at contact[at]misseddetails[dot]com.

We have a very firm editorial direction for this website. This is why we do not take unsolicited work. Please do not contact us with article proposals. You will not receive an answer.

For other communications, the best way to keep in contact is through Twitter or Facebook. You can sign up for my mailing list too, if you don’t like to interact through social media.

Here are the different ways to keep in touch:

    • The Missed Details official Twitter account. Follow this account if you just want announcements on new blogs and articles.
    • My personal Twitter account. I tend to retweet or comment on other industry news here. I will, of course, retweet notices of new articles from the Missed Details account, so you don’t have to follow both the official Missed Details account and this account.
    • The Missed Details Facebook page. This will mostly be announcements of new articles. I’m not very active on Facebook, but lots and lots of other people are. I thought this would be the best social media alternative for announcing new articles.
    • The Missed Details Newsletter. This is an email list for the website. It’s for those of you who don’t like Twitter or Facebook. Just sign up through the box to the right of any blog or article. I won’t sell your email, and, as of right now, I intend to send out only a simple message each time I publish a new blog or article.

Lastly, if you support this blog through Patreon, you’ll have access to a restricted forum where you can contact me and/or chat with other folks who own or are thinking about starting a business. (No pressure. You don’t have to sign up for the forum. Or you can just lurk.)

If you join Patreon at the Entrepreneur Tier at $10/month, you’ll get an additional restricted forum where you can suggest and/or vote on articles I write next. It’s an easy way to have me answer questions related to your business or research questions you might have about running a business. When I finish writing, you’ll get priority access to the article, so you won’t have to wait for actual publication, which might be a month or two down the road.