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Back when I worked as a lawyer, I answered cold calls from prospective clients who just had their Big Idea. I’d teach them how to take that idea and start their own business.

Bridging the Missed Details

The Missed Details Blog

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A blue circle on a black background. The circle is formed by combining several incomplete, open-ended circles. It represents how we're building our guide on starting and running a small business.

Starting and Running a Small Business: The First Full Circle

I started building this website in January of 2021. It took me several months to design the layout and write ...
Three stacks of coins of unequal height each on the left and right of three blocks that spell out TAX, used to illustrate our tax guide for small businesses

Tax Guide for Small Businesses

Businesses, like people, have to pay taxes. But, unlike people, most businesses have to pay a lot more types of ...
A paper sign taped to a window that says "Help Wanted," which is something a business would put out if they're looking to hire their first employee.

How to Hire Your First Employee, for Very Small Businesses

Congrats! Your business is finally at a stage where you need to hire your first employee. For some of you, ...

Latest Articles

A closeup shot of a woman's hands holding a long printout of a receipt. She has circled a number on the receipt showing her business is collecting sales tax as is required. Also on the desk are a calculator, another long printout of a sales receipt, and a printout of a sales report.

A Small Business’s Guide to Collecting Sales Tax, Use Tax, and VAT

If you’ve read our general article on taxes, you know that a business has to deal with a lot of ...
A young man in a white shirt and a black tie sits at a desk, his right hand holding a pen to jot down numbers while his left hand types info into a tax software for small businesses. A calculator and two stacks of printouts of financial reports also lay on the desk.

Income Tax Software for Small Businesses

In our last article, we talked about how small businesses must pay quarterly estimated income taxes. Then, at the end ...
A smartphone showing a calculator app sits on top of a hard copy of Schedule 1040-SE which, in turn, is laid atop of a laptop. A pair of glasses rests half on the tax form and half on the laptop. Everything is ready for a small business owner to learn how to calculate quarterly estimated taxes.

How to Calculate Quarterly Estimated Taxes, for Small Businesses

Businesses have to pay income taxes. We touched on this briefly in our overview article on the types of taxes ...

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