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Small business taking payment cards should know how payment processing works

How Credit Card and Other Payment Processing Work

More and more, customers prefer to pay with credit cards or debit cards. Whether you run an online store or a physical store, you’ll have to take payment cards just to survive. But what happens after a customer pays with a card or from their bank account? How does payment ...
You'll need a payment processor to take credit and debit cards for your small business

How Payment Processors Charge Merchants

Let’s talk about what business folks hate: the cost of doing business. For many businesses, one of the biggest costs of doing business is the cost of taking payment cards. You’re pretty much forced to let customers pay with a card, but each payment costs you money to process. You ...
The future of payment processing involves paying online

The Future of Payment Processing: BNPL and Cryptocurrency

Credit cards, as we know them today, started in the late 1950’s. In the early 1970’s, the credit card companies computerized much of the workflow. Since then, the process of using a credit card to make purchases has remained more-or-less the same. But their world is changing. A group of ...
Creator setting up a camera shot as he runs his creator business

How to Run a Creator Busines: IP Basics

Creators. That’s the hot new term in marketing circles. Advertising through a creator is highly effective because each creator has a curated audience interested in one specific thing or another. But creators aren’t just people with a lot of followers on social media. Creators make copyrighted works. And they make ...
Woman creator making content for content distribution platforms

How to Run a Creator Business: Content Distribution Platforms

This is the second intro post in our series on How to Run a Creator Business. In our first intro, we defined who the creators are and explained some IP basics because all creators make IP. In this second intro, we’ll go into how creators can share their IP with ...
On a white table sits a keyboard, a cup of coffee, a pair of eyeglasses, a green leafy plant, and a tablet. The tablet shows a page with the words "online marketing" as a way for monetizing your content.

How to Run a Creator Business: Monetizing Your Content

Did you know that creators make most of their money through product endorsements and affiliate marketing? Some creators do OK with direct audience contributions too. So how do you set these up? And, when you negotiate a marketing deal with a brand or advertising agency, how do you set a ...
A desk with a laptop to the left, a calculator at the center, 4 piles of cash neatly stacked, and piles of paper with bar graphs and charts printed on them. The paper is scattered all over the desk, and the laptop is opened to accounting software. It's a picture of a small business that has set up an accounting system.

How to Set Up an Accounting System, for Small Businesses

Business accounting can be pretty intimidating to new business owners. While most people have heard of debits and credits, assets and liabilities, and profit and loss, what do these terms really mean in accounting? And how do you read accounting reports like the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow ...
A paper sign taped to a window that says "Help Wanted," which is something a business would put out if they're looking to hire their first employee.

How to Hire Your First Employee, for Very Small Businesses

Congrats! Your business is finally at a stage where you need to hire your first employee. For some of you, this is after a long period of working by yourself or with contractors. For others, you’ve set up the other aspects of your business, are ready for your grand opening, ...
Three stacks of coins of unequal height each on the left and right of three blocks that spell out TAX, used to illustrate our tax guide for small businesses

Tax Guide for Small Businesses

Businesses, like people, have to pay taxes. But, unlike people, most businesses have to pay a lot more types of taxes. Keeping track of and paying these taxes on time can get pretty complicated, pretty fast. This is why we wrote this tax guide for small businesses. In this series ...
A blue circle on a black background. The circle is formed by combining several incomplete, open-ended circles. It represents how we're building our guide on starting and running a small business.

Starting and Running a Small Business: The First Full Circle

I started building this website in January of 2021. It took me several months to design the layout and write the first batch of articles on starting and running a small business. I took the site live in May. From then on, I published one new article a week. Each ...