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How This Website Makes Money

This site is supported by ads. It is one way I hope to make enough to keep me going. But ad support is fickle and takes many, many hits to generate just a little revenue. It will probably take a long time for this blog to be supported only through ads.

So, the main way I hope to support this website is by reader contributions through Patreon.

How Patreon Works

Patreon helps writers, musicians, journalists, podcasters, and other creative types take donations from folks who like their work and who are willing to pay to keep them going. You can support this website by joining Patreon at one of the following tiers:

Start-Up Tier

This tier will receive regular announcements on new blogs/articles. Patrons in this tier will also have access to a private chat forum to network and talk about experiences and ask each other questions on little things on running their business. This tier is $5/month.

Entrepreneur Tier

This tier will receive all the benefits of the Start-Up Tier, plus an additional chat forum to suggest and/or vote on new articles. You’ll also have priority access to the new articles written per the suggestions, even if the article is scheduled for publication a month or two down the road. This is a perfect way to get me to answer questions or research issues for you. This tier is $10/month.

The private forums are hosted on Discord. You don’t have to join if you don’t want to. You’ll still receive email announcements from me through Patreon. For those on the Entrepreneur Tier, you’ll be able to vote on new articles via polls I send through Patreon.

Currently, contribution through Patreon is on a monthly basis and there’s no one-time contribution option. However, you can cancel your membership at any time without penalty. You’ll be charged the amount appropriate to your tier upon signup, and then you can cancel right away.

Other Ways You Can Help Keep This Site Going

If your funds are a little tight because you’re starting a new venture, don’t feel bad if you can’t contribute. You can follow me on social media for announcements on new articles. And, of course, you’re free to chat with the other followers as well. If you like what I’m doing, please tell your friends about this website—more views of the site will generate more ad revenue, so you’re still helping.

Thanks for your support for making this website a success.